Curative power of Heviz

The basis of complex balneotherapy is thermal water, which is equally rich in dissolved and gas components thereby combining the favourable characters of carbonate, sulphur, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and light radon emanation thermal water. The one of a kind mud covering the lake’s bottom as well as the radon therein and reduced sulphur represents the special values of therapeutic factors.

The thermal water of Hévíz provides not only monotherapy but a complex therapyas well. Hydrostatic pressure and all-round movement is ideal for circulation, while the indifferent temperature enables long bathing times (max 30 mins). The thermal source erupts from the 7 m thick turf dissolving sterane structure compounds and hence having estrogenic effect on the water and the mud.

The skin softens due to trace elements and bio-rhythm and tallow secretion are restored during the weeks of therapy. Rich mineral content contributes to the remedy of diseases, e.g. it restores the basic compound of joint cartilage, i.e. sulphur, the deficiency of which occurs in diseases as well as easing the itching skin of diabetics.

Radon (radon content is one-thousandth of the daily allowance) as a lypophil material stimulates the production of hormones affecting adrenaline glands, which means that the body’s own compounds reduce the inflammation and pain.

Suggestions for and against

The medicinal suggestions of the therapy covers a wide range of locomotor diseases: it has beneficial effects on rheumatic locomotor diseases, osteoporosis, degenerative spinal/joint diseases, Bechterew syndrome, inflammation diseases of the joint in their chronic phases, post treatment of injuries and locomotor operations as well as tender tissue rheumatism, secondary diseases of the joints, chronic, peripheral, nervous, mechanical-related complaints, pre- and post treatment of operations on the joints and discs as well as chronic and gynaecological conditions. Treatment does just have a momentary effect but prevents the pains from recurring for months. This is means that therapy received in the spring will bring a pain-free Christmas for those suffering from rheumatism.

Suggestions against the therapy include infectious diseases, tumours, heart failure, circulatory disorder, thrombosis and other blood production-related diseases, asthma, high blood pressure and pregnancy.

Without the advice of a doctor 30 minutes of bathing is suggested. In cases of chronic stomach and intestinal catarrh, the water may also be drunk for medicinal effects.