Approach of Heviz
approach heviz by plane By plane

The town is attainable from these nearest airports:

1. Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport
2. Hévíz-Balaton Airport (Sármellék)
3. Vienna International Airport
4. Graz Airport

From the airports you can get to the town by transfer route and by bus run on schedule, as well as you can rent a car.

approach heviz by train By train

The town hasn't got an own train station. The nearests are in Keszthely or in Balatonszentgyörgy, what beside there are the bus stations with schedules.

National train schedule

International train schedule

approach heviz by bus By bus

Buses are runing from the major cities of Hungary to Hévíz, such as Budapest, Székesfehérvár, Zalaegerszeg, Szombathely, Sopron, Nagykanizsa, Győr, Veszprém, Pécs, etc. and there are international bus lines too.

National bus schedule

International bus schedule

approach heviz by car By car

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